About Us

Brandon Young - Executive
After studying Information Science and Entrepreneurship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Young launched Young Enterprise Solutions, a R&D firm that provides optimized energy solutions to individuals, communities, and institutions. He has a diverse technological background, most recently serving as the Communications Director for the Center for Social Justice at UNC. Brandon focuses on all aspects of marketing, including social media management, public relations (email newsletters, opt-in forms & press releases) and online content management (Sharepoint & other wiki-based platforms).

YES is an R&D firm that strives to refine the current and define future trends by staying up on the latest & greatest technology and innovating techniques and technologies that elevate us all. This allows me to create sites that not only will effectively communicate a client’s message but allow clients to seamlessly integrate their site with social media outlets while having full control of their back-end content going forward.